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Gorilla Glue and UK Cheese

Fresh Top Grade UK Cheese

This strain is an old favorite developed where else but the UK! Started in the 1990, it has been blazed by smokers everywhere since.

The parent of this strain is Skunk #1 and this is its ONLY parent as its just a different variation.  This is one of the most balanced hybrids out there! The smell of these buds is cheesy(hence the name) and that powerful skunky smell present in many other strains, which makes sense given its parent.

The effects of UK Cheese can vary from person to person because of its unique nature but overall, it’s a great high to kick back and relax with.

Some may experience the more energetic feelings of the sativa present in it, while others may get that sleepy indica feel. The effects most commonly start as a head high around the eyes, but as time passes on it creeps through the rest of your body, providing great relaxation.

TheGreenMile – 3.5g Fresh Top Grade UK Cheese

TheGreenMile – 7g Fresh Top Grade UK Cheese

This is a great smoke for alleviating boredom and getting you through the tedious tasks you encounter in daily life.

The buds themselves are dense, light green, and typically covered in orange hairs, giving it great bag appeal.  

Medicinally, this strain is perfect for stress and exhaustion, because of the relaxing feel it combined with the energetic headspace it provides.  

Many people also use this for pain relief as well, because of the relieving body effects it produces. Again, the effects of this particular strain tend to vary, so couchlock may be an experience for some!

The mind may feel energetic and the body, not so much.

This is an amazing strain and one of the most relaxing smokes I have to offer!


Fresh Top Grade Gorilla Glue

This strain is well known, sought after, and beloved by all at this point. This is a 50/50 hybrid that has taken over the cannabis world by storm, bringing home many awards including the Michigan and LA Cannabis Cups and High Times’ Jamaican World Cup.

It’s parent strains are Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubble. Many of it’s sativa effects take after Chocolate Diesel, include its diesel taste when smoked.

TheGreenMile – 3.5g Fresh Top Grade Gorilla Glue

TheGreenMile – 7g Fresh Top Grade Gorilla Glue

The smell is overpowering and can quickly fill a room. The buds are very sticky as the name implies and are coated in resin.

This strain packs a SERIOUS punch, and can test to THC levels as high as 28%!  This is not a strain for those with weak tolerance.  This can be a very sedative high, that can leave you melted into the couch with intense euphoria and a giggly feeling. Intense relaxation and uplifting mood are the most common and powerful effects that users experience.

This strain can be used for medicinal effects across the board! Whether you have insomnia, pain, stress,  or anxiety, Gorilla Glue is great for all of these things!

Come try one of the most powerful, popular strains out there!

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