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How to set up anonymous email

Privacy and anonymity is a digital right. People want to use anonymous emails because they want to keep their emails away from prying eyes. Anonymous emails set the basic foundation of anonymity over the web.

The internet is not a secure storage but you have a way to control who has access to your data. Anonymous email is one way to ensure your emails are not traceable online. Advertisements are what keep these anonymous emails free.

Below are options in the internet to create anonymous emails:


Go to

Look for the ‘SIGN UP’ button and click.

Select a ‘Free’ subscription.

Click ‘OK’.

Enter your desired email address and password. Then tick ‘General terms & conditions’ and the age verification, and click ‘Next’ button.

Answer a captcha.

Copy and save your recovery code, in case of a password reset, and click ‘Ok’.

Now login using your email address and password.

Your account may be marked for approval. If so, then you will have to wait 48 hours to send and receive email.


Go to

Look for the ‘SIGN UP’ button and click.

Select ‘FREE’ account type.

Enter your preferred email address, password and a recovery email (optional). Click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button.

You will be required to either provide a phone number or to donate for human verification. These details will not be linked to the account you are creating. They will only be used during signup process. Click ‘COMPLETE SETUP’.

Once completed, you now have an encrypted email account.

Go to

Look for ‘Register’ link and click.

Enter you desired email address and password. Answer captcha and tick agree to ‘Terms of Service’. Click ‘Agree and Register’ button.

Click ‘Webmail’ to view your email dashboard.

Login using your username and password. Username should be your whole email address. (e.g.

You are now all set up!

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