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The Green Mile – The Best UK Weed Provider

Photo by Get Budding on Unsplash

Enjoy the best weed in the UK!

TheGreenMile has been a long time vendor specializing in the best high quality weed in the UK. It started out many years ago helping out friends and family source the best bud.

After some time, I ventured into selling on the Darknet particularly Silk Road, EVO and Alphabay.

However, the latest demise of ABM had a hard toll with regards to the whole Darknet ecosystem in general. A lot of good friends and contactswere lost in the whole 2017 scramble.

Now that I am fully back into the game you not only benefit from my experience but you are also assured of the following:

  1. Safety and security of deliveries.
  2. Utmost anonymity for all buyers and no logs kept.
  3. Easy to deal with customer service.
  4. Experienced vendor in both online and offline sales with competitive pricing.
  5. Superb product quality with the TGM brand:

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