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What makes edibles different from flowers

What makes edibles different from flowers

If you have been using flowers and have not tried edibles before, or vice-versa, you would have wondered what is the difference between the two. Definitely there are various differences between them and they both have advantages and disadvantages over the other. For example, consuming edibles is a lot more discreet than smoking flower, which can obviously tell everyone you are using weed. Edibles is to eat while flowers is to inhale.

From candies, muffins, brownies to bacon, pizza and tea, there is virtually endless sorts of cannabis-infused food. At the same time, cannabis flowers come in different types and flavors.

The following are some of the differences that edibles have from weed flowers:

Effectivity and Duration

In general, edibles users report stronger body effects and near psychedelic head high in large doses. That is why the golden rule for consuming edibles is to ‘start small and be patient’. Edibles are metabolized in a way that it can take from thirty minutes to two hours to kick in. Small amounts will give milder and arguably more comfortable effects.

However, in contrast to inhaled cannabis, they bring smaller concentration of cannabinoids to the bloodstream. Edibles consumption introduces THC from 10 to 20 percent while smoking introduces 50 to 60 percent. Smoking weed kicks in within 10 minutes and quickly disperse over the next 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Healthier Alternative

A lot of users are interested in edibles as they want to avoid the harsh experience of smoking and the long-term health concerns associated with it. They are more preferred by cannabis dependent medical patients because they can provide long lasting relief to chronic symptoms such as pain.

You can also infuse cannabis to healthy dishes such as quinoa salad, butter and more. Just remember the golden rule: ‘start small and be patient’.

THC Absorption

When using edibles, its THC is metabolized by the liver and the liver then converts it to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is an active metabolite particularly effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, yielding a more intense high. Smoking has a different process in metabolizing THC. Instead of passing through the stomach and liver, THC travels directly to the brain, that is why inhaled cannabis kicks in faster than ingested ones.

Difficult to Dose

THC content of homemade edibles is hard to determine, even professionals sometimes find it hard to capture the advertised dose in their products. Due to the delay of time between ingestion and the time THC kicks in, consumers may sometimes overestimate the dose. Whereas inhaled cannabis, where they can instantly get the effect, allows consumers to gradually dose as necessary.

Large amounts of THC will not kill you but it is more enjoyable if you dose responsibility and patiently.

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